List of 50mm Lenses for Portraits


The Phoblographer has put together a list of eight 50mm lenses for portraits.  My ‘go to’ portrait lens is the Canon 85mm f1.8, which captures sharp, beautiful images, and happens to be mentioned at the beginning of their article.  However, for those that prefer a focal range around 50mm – 65mm on APS-C sensor cameras, this is a great list of viable choices, albeit a bit pricy, from Sigma, Zeiss and even Lensbaby!

New TLR Promises Unique Instant Film Experience

flashI have an Instax Mini 90 from FujiFilm and love it.  It’s a modern throwback to not only classic instant photography, but also those wonderful rangefinders from the 50’s and 60’s.  You definitely pay a premium for the styling, but it is quite the conversation starter when others see you using it.  While the instax mini film is small by comparison to the more familiar instant film used in the classic SX-70 and similar OneStep models from Polaroid, and it isn’t as fast when it comes to the development time, it still provides that magic moment of watching the image appear slowly before you.

Now from a company called Mint comes the InstantFlex TL70 TLR instant camera.  Resembling a vintage Rolliflex, this little TLR utilizes the same instax mini film, but in a much more unique way.  It works the same way any classic TLR functions with film as the primary difference.  This new modern model even sports a built-in flash, EV switch and ambient light meter.   The Aperture range is f/5.6 to f/22, and a Shutter speed of 1 second to 1/500 with a Bulb setting for long exposures.

Again, you’ll be paying a premium for a camera that hasn’t technically been released yet.  If you decide to participate in the pre-order it will run you $310, but the website isn’t specific on an actual release date.  You can utilize the same instant film in a FujiFilm Instax Mini camera for about $50.  A small, plastic, almost toy-like camera that is by no means as cool as the TL70 TLR.  I would love to pick one up if I can get past the price, and the fact that it won’t arrive in 3-5 days.  For now I’ll just watch from the sidelines.  What about you?