The Ciro 35 has had and interesting history.  Originally released as the Cee-ay 35 by the Candid Camera Corporation of Chicago, Ill., which also produced the Perfex line of cameras such as the Speed Candid and Perfex Deluxe, it became the Ciro 35 when the Ciro Camera Corporation purchased the design from Candid Camera Corp.  Graflex eventually bought Ciro and rebadged both the Ciro 35 and the CiroFlex cameras as Graflex brands.  Eventually the Ciro 35 evolved into the Graphic 35 and apparently production was moved to Japan during the last years of manufacturing.  So it is quite possible to have a Ciro 35 stamped Ciro Camera Co., or Graflex.  Multiple versions of the Ciro badged camera were available.  These included three different lenses and shutters.  Lenses were an f2.8, f3.5 and f4.5 Wollensak or Graflex, while the shutters included the Wollensak Alphax and Rapax (1/400), or the Century (a Graflex branded Alphax.)  All lenses were triplets and produce decent results at f8 or f11.  Shutter speeds and aperture settings are controlled by sliding levers at the top and bottom of the lens barrel.  The separate rangefinder window is small which is typical for this style of camera, but the split-image is bright enough to utilize effectively.  The focus lever is at the base of the lens barrel with the lever on the left and the distance scale on the right side of the barrel.  Focus control is smooth and fairly easy to use.  On later Graflex branded models the lever is replaced with two buttons on each side of the lens barrel.  The shutter must be cocked with the cocking lever on top of the lens barrel prior to tripping the shutter release located on the lower right side.  Silver and black versions of the camera were also produced.

Loading the camera requires removing the back of the camera by turning the lever underneath the body to ‘open’, and pulling down on the back plate to separate it from the camera body.  The take up spool is removable so be cautious not to let it fall out when removing the back.  Once the film is loaded, and the back plate is on I suggest turning the film counter dial on the top of the camera to 34, then advance the film by pressing the small button near the counter dial and turning the ‘Wind’ knob.  Do this 2-3 times until the frame counter is on the ‘1’.  You’re now ready to start shooting.  To rewind lift up on the ‘Wind’ knob and turn it to lock it into an up position which allows the take-up spool to spin freely, then turn the ‘Rewind’ knob to return the film to the cassette.

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The later version of the Ciro35 called the Graflex35 is more common on the ‘bay and generally goes for around 15-30 dollars.  The Ciro35 is a cruder camera and can be found for as little as 8-10 dollars or can go up to around 30 dollars if in ‘pristine’ condition.

Ciro35 Manual

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